New Roof Installation Grand Rapids, MI

New Roof Installation Grand Rapids Michigan

Sometimes installing a brand new roof is the more practical solution. A severe storm may, for instance, lead to the need for the roof to be replaced. When a new roof is necessary, we can assist you. With our extensive experience in the industry and quality workmanship, we feel that we are able to provide an unparalleled service to our customers. Whether you are installing a new roof because of aging or if you have an insurance claim because of some adverse weather condition, you can depend on us to meet your requirements.

Almost all of our jobs are usually completed in one day and every job includes a meticulous post-roofing inspection conducted by one of our expert roofing supervisors. We want to ensure that the roof replacement is handled properly and that you are completely satisfied.

Our simple 5 step process for roof installations

  • A complete inspection of your home
  • Insurance claims, which we help with
  • Choosing the best roof for your home
  • A correct installation
  • A final evaluation by us, you and your insurance company

Our job is not finished until you and your insurance company are completely satisfied.

Tips When Hiring Contractors For Your Roofing Job:

  • Each worker that is working on your has a certification
  • They have proof of General Liability Insurance
  • They have references and you can call them
  • Do not hire just anyone for this important job
  • Bypass all of the scammers out there and give us a call and we will be more than happy to show you proof of all of our certifications and all of our 5 star reviews.

Replacing your roof or installing a new one can be a costly job, and will more than likely be just a one time purchase. If you truly want the job done right and want this to be a one time purchase then give us a call. We got you covered…..literally!

Get The Best Price and Reduce Costs on New Roof Replacements and Insurance Claims

If you have a claim, we can explain how roofing insurance claims work and help you navigate your roofing insurance claim. Call us for the best price on new roof replacement and save money with us today! A successful, satisfactory roof replacement requires both a courteous customer service representative and highly skilled roofers and we provide both.

We offer you both excellent roof installation services and knowledgeable customer service. Not only do you get a top-notch roof, but we’ll even help you file your homeowner’s insurance claim as well. From the first consultation to the end of the project, our professionals and staff will provide you with the best estimate possible. Please know that new roof replacement here can vary depending on the shingles used.