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Flat Roof Construction

It is ironic considering the importance of the need for a flat roof to protect the entire building, it's contents and occupants from water damage that most flat roofs have been the depository of the cheapest and lowest quality types of building materials known to man!

It's normal to see tar, tar paper, tar soaked fabric, loose foam sheets and latex, (water soluble), coatings on flat roofs with poor or no effective drainage. This puts a heavy burden of performance on those low quality materials, with all of their seams and weak points.

Now, top all of this mess with a layer of ballast stones to make it impossible to find the leaks! Is it any wonder that flat roofs are notoriously plagued with leaking problems even if these types of low quality roofing materials, with excellent drainage, are "installed correctly", and often they aren't?

Normally, flat roofs consist of concrete, steel, or wood substrates, heavily contaminated with tar combined with layers of loosely fitted tar paper. The tar paper usually has turned up edges and corners; it is warped and puckered, sun and heat damaged, and has protruding high points, irregularities, random seams, raised patches, tar deposits, stone ballast, etc.

Flat roof home owners must realize that it is not practical or cost effective to apply a high quality, permanent roofing system directly on these types of low quality materials. If installed upon a flat, clean surface the amount of material required to seal the same size roof surface could be ten times less than what would be required if installed upon a rough, irregular, contaminated surface. Also, the bond to the old low quality roofing products can only be poor and temporary at best.

The products we use can be applied in cold weather and exposed to rain or snow immediately after application. While tar expands and shrinks with heat and cold, the materials we use cure to a strong, solid, waterproof, adhesive rubber which does not change shape with temperature extremes.

Flat Rubber Roofing Services

Our specialist flat roof contractor service team is second to none in the installation of modern roofing material covering. We have years of experience in all types of flat roofing and now also install EPDM rubber roofing system because of its versatility, durability, extremely long life cycle and the fact it needs very little maintenance.

You will have peace of mind in a product that seals, waterproofs and insulates your existing or new flat roof extension, garage or porch for a duration of at least 50 years. Say goodbye cracks causing leaks and damage. Call us today for your free flat roof home survey and no obligation quotation. Renovation made easy by the EPDM roofing company.

Commercial Flat Roofing - Commercial Flat Roofing Contractors

If you're looking for a commercial flat roofer in or near Grand Rapids, MI, there are a few items to worry about, such as how much experience the business has with flat roofing and whether or not they have any flat roofing certifications. Roofing a flat roof is a daunting job. We've been delivering outstanding service, high-quality jobs, and fair pricing to our clients for years. We make certain that our employees are well educated, qualified, and capable of providing you with the best service possible. Installing a commercial roof is an ideal way to cover your company at a fair cost.